Bathroom Renovations in Perth, WA

Finding the Best bathroom renovations in Perth is not simply a matter of style. Nor is it completely about bringing your home decor up to date.

Finding the Best bathroom renovations in Perth

While a beautiful bathroom is an important asset to your home, you also must consider the needs of how functional your bathroom layout is, in order to meet all the requirements of the home occupants.

Perth Bathroom renovations are different to most other states of Australia, our building regulations and conditions are unique to Perth.

Traditionally in Perth, homes are built out of double brick walls with a single brick for the internal walls, this makes moving walls more difficult and in most, if not all cases, you will need an expert to carry out this kind of work. Due to the fact that it is hard to move walls and plumbing, it is important to have a well thought-out bathroom layout before starting a bathroom renovation. This is where the experience of the team at WA Assett The Bathroom Renovators will make the difference in delivering your new bathroom. See licensed Plumber Perth.

WA Assett has the perfect bathroom renovation solution for you old tired bathroom

Old Perth Bathroom WA

Do you have an old bathroom that is an uninviting sight when you enter the room, or have you spent hours cleaning and your bathroom still looks dirty thanks to water stains or mouldy walls? Over time, water (especially if contaminated with rusty or hard water) creates water rings-like stains that cannot be scrubbed or cleaned off. Luckily, WA Assett The Bathroom Renovators, specialize in bathroom renovations in Perth and are there to fulfill your needs by designing and completing the perfect Bathroom Renovation for you.

If you have your own perfect bathroom ideas, WA Assett’s consultants can come to your home and help you decide the practical aspects of your dream bathroom. They will bring your dream to life.


At WA Assett we pride ourselves on delivering affordable bathroom renovations to the home owners of Perth and the surrounding suburbs. Most bathroom renovations start from around $12,000.00, without taking shortcuts and using licences Tradies. All our bathroom renovations come with the WA Assett seal of satisfaction guarantee.

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