Testimonial - Rod and Gail White

We were very happy with WA Assett from our first dealings with them, because of their quick response to our enquiry. They were honest about any limits to their service in the first phone call, so that we were free to decide from the first if we wanted to proceed and wasted no time discussing matters only to find out later that the service did not meet our needs. Their customer relations continued to be exceptional all through the project. Staff members were always polite, friendly but professional, helpful and very prompt in attending to any queries. The work was completed in the shortest time they quoted.

Communication was excellent, with the provision of a booklet covering all general issues provided in the very beginning, and scheduled meetings and email updates coming in a timely manner so that we were always well-informed. We always had a name and number to contact with queries at the various stages of the project. W.A. Assett provided a very detailed quote, followed by prompt attention to any changes, which meant that we knew exactly what the renovation was going to cost at every step of the way. The quality of workmanship was very good, the workmen very professional in their manner and considerate in their work. With the regular emails notifying us of who was coming when, the lock box providing the workers with entry to the premises, and the provision of a free mobile bathroom, there was minimum disruption to our lives. When the work was finished, we could use the bathroom immediately without even needing to wipe the surfaces over. I think the frequent attention of the supervisor, while maybe not necessary, ensured that everything was finished well.

Their products are of very high quality, though we had the freedom to go outside their range if we wished. They are not cheap, but definitely value for money. We are delighted with our new bathroom and very pleased with the service offered by W.A. Assett. I have no hesitation in recommending them.